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Images from Marine Hugonnier's exhibition at DCA. The central image is a large white pot of drooping yellow roses and lilies. In the other images, the flowers can be seen from a distance on a white stand, and there is a black canvas in the background.

Marine Hugonnier

Marine Hugonnier

26 June - 08 August 2004

This was the first major solo show in the UK for French born Marine Hugonnier, continuing DCA’s on-going exploration of how artists today are working with and inspired by film. With some stunning imagery these large-scale photographs and films tackle issues surrounding the politics of landscape, geography and the environment. The artist takes us to extreme places, from Afghanistan to the Swiss Alps, asking questions about how we look at and look after the natural world.

Artist Talk | Marine Hugonnier

Exhibition images

From Marine Hugonnier's exhibition. A white pot is filled with a large assortment of drooping flowers, which includes white and yellow lines and roses.
An image from Marine Hugonnier's shows a white pot which is filled with a large display of drooping white and yellow lilies and roses. In the background, there is a large, black board on the wall.