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Works by Matthew Buckingham - a golden, sparkling chandelier reflected in a mirror, a black plinth, and the same chandelier again, this time in a room with a woman in early 20th-century clothing on.

Matthew Buckingham

Play the Story

17 November 2007 - 20 January 2008

Matthew Buckingham’s meticulously researched film works encouraged the viewer to re-examine history from new perspectives. The artist explored the present by examining representations of pioneering figures from the past.

Exhibition images

From Matthew Buckingham’s exhibition. A golden, sparkling chandelier is reflected upside-down in a mirror.
Chairs in DCA Galleries watch a video which is part of  Matthew Buckingham’s exhibition. The video shows an image of a bus driving across a bridge.
From Matthew Buckingham’s exhibition. A black plinth stands in DCA Galleries.
From Matthew Buckingham’s exhibition. A chandelier stands in a room upside down. In the background, the chandelier hangs in a room. A woman in 19th-century clothing stands in the room with the chandelier.