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Selected works from Our Surroundings. In one photo, a glass conservatory sits on a square of grass outside in Dundee. In another, a blue image can be seen on a projector in DCA galleries. In another, an image taken from within the glass conservatory shows tables and chairs, and a view of the Tay Bridge from outside.

Our Surroundings

Jordan Baseman, Mark Dion, Olafur Eliasson, Susan Philipsz, Bridget Smith, Matt Stokes, Apolonija Ŝuŝterŝiĉ

14 May - 17 July 2005

For this exciting new exhibition, DCA reaches beyond the gallery walls to encompass diverse aspects of the city.  New works by seven artists reveal fresh insights into our surroundings. Showing simultaneously in the galleries and three other locations in the city, Our Surroundings presents an outstanding breadth of vision as the artists offer a dynamic engagement with different people, places and environments in Dundee. 

Our Surroundings: Exhibition Notes

Click here to download the Exhibition Notes for Our Surroundings.
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Exhibition images

From Our Surroundings at DCA. A square of grass sits in an empty plot of land in Dundee. On the grass square, there is a large glass conservatory.
From Our Surroundings at DCA. This image is taken from inside a glass conservatory. The conservatory contains potted plants and a large table with art equipment on it. White chairs surround the table. The view outside is of the Tay Road Bridge.
From Our Surroundings at DCA. The inside of DCA Galleries. One wall has a blue image projected on it. The lighting is very dark.
From Our Surroundings at DCA. A water feature made out of scaffolding sits in a garden with a tree in it. There is a 3-story high red building in the background.