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DCA Gallerie during Pale Carnage. There are eclectic statues and painting - a silhouette of a head on a plinth, a little drummer boy model, and black graffiti on the walls.

Pale Carnage

Nobuyoshi Araki, Athanasios Argianas, Ulla von Brandenburg, Tom Burr, Gillian Carnegie, Steven Claydon, Cerith Wyn Evans, Lothar Hempel, Mark Leckey, Aïda Ruilova, Dirk Stewen, JD Williams

6 July - 2 September 2007

Pale Carnage presents work by twelve international artists, and addresses ideas of cruelty, desire, beauty, decadence, voyeurism and violence. The works are evocative of late nineteenth and early twentieth century history and culture, and examine the relationship between classicism and modernism, and their unsettling associations with fascism.

Curator Video | Pale Carnage

Pale Carnage: Exhibition Notes

Click here to download the Exhibition Notes for Pale Carnage.
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Exhibition images

DCA Galleries during Pale Carnage. There are mannequins - one of them is playing the drum. Another mannequin which is dressed like a golfer is standing on a plinth. There is a small statue of a crow, and large yellow canvas of monkeys on the walls.
From Pale Carnage in DCA Galleries. There is statue of a head wearing a cap on a. plinth. Under neath the plinth, there is a blue box with a drawing of a woman on it. There is also a statue of a crow.
From Pale Carnage in DCA Galleries. There is a small statue of a drummer boy, next to a large blue box. In the background, there is a black mural of people standing.
From Pale Carnage in DCA Galleries. White fabric and white folded paper lies against the gallery walls, along with a frame.