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Selected image from Simon Starling's exhibition. There is a model of a white aeroplane above some logs, a small model of a pantheon, and a photograph of a wooden cabin on a grassy hill.

Simon Starling


22 June - 11 August 2002

Djungel intertwines diverse sources and histories from the mid-twentieth century textile designs of Josef Frank to a forest in Trinidad. Starling takes us on a journey to examine the processes of transformation undergone by naturally occurring substances to produce our material culture.

Artist Talk | Simon Starling on Djungel

Simon Starling: Exhibition Notes

Click here to download the Exhibition Notes for Simon Starling: Djungel.
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Exhibition images

From Simon Starling's exhibition. A photograph of a log cabin on top of a grass hill.
From Simon Starling's exhibition. A model of a pantheon.
From Simon Starling's exhibition. A small white aeroplane is on a table above some large logs.