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Selected works from Will Maclean's exhibition at DCA. A glass tea is filled with various stones and small objects. On a green wall, there are black pieces of slate. On a white wall, there are white canvas with thin lines drawn on them.

Will Maclean


24 November 2001 - 03 February 2002

Driftworks brings together a number of new and existent works by Will Maclean. Continuing his fascination with museums and the presentation of meaningful objects, the exhibition includes works in a variety of media. The works all share Maclean’s interest in the mythologies of the sea and the relics of our culture.

Artist Video | Will Maclean on Driftworks (Part One)

Artist Video | Will Maclean on Driftworks (Part Two)

Will Maclean: Exhibition Notes

Click here to download the Exhibition Notes for Will Maclean: Driftworks
60 KB (PDF)

Exhibition images

From Will Maclean's exhibition in DCA Galleries. Large, white textured canvases hang on the gallery walls.
From Will Maclean's exhibition at DCA. Large, black pieces of slate hang on a green gallery wall.
rom Will Maclean's exhibition in DCA. A glass case is filled with small objects, including stones, a wheel and relics.