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A hand holding a phone which shows the DCA visual guide on it.

Download our Digital Guide

Explore DCA with Bloomberg Connects.

Enhance your visit to DCA with our digital guide on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app. 

Our guide takes you behind the scenes at DCA, with exclusive perspectives from artists, audio resources and more. Use the app to plan your visit, then easily access helpful insights on-site. Afterward, dive deeper into your favourite works at home - or anywhere, anytime!

A phone with the start page of DCA's visual guide on it.

Our Bloomberg Connect guide features:


Current exhibitions come to life through perspectives from artists, curators and more. You can also explore our archive, find out more about exhibiting artists and view our temporary exhibitions. 


Plan your visit by easily accessing our exhibitions event programme, all in one place. Use the digital map to navigate through DCA with ease.


Listen to recordings of exhibition notes, audio descriptions of our exhibitions from visual describer Juliana Capes, and find out key information about accessibility features at DCA.

In addition to DCA, Bloomberg Connects lets you explore hundreds of museums, galleries, sculpture parks, gardens, and cultural spaces around the world, all with one free download from the App Store or Google Play.

Download Bloomberg Connects below: