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Children attend Discovery Film Festival

Schools at DCA

Welcoming pupils and teachers to see, think, make and do

We welcome school visits throughout the year, as well as organising and hosting specific events designed to provide Curriculum for Excellence-related activity.

We have experience in planning and delivering a wide range of art and film education activity and can offer workshops, creative skills sessions and film screenings, plus gallery and building tours, to suit your needs. These can be adapted for a number of different age groups, from nursery children and primary age to secondary pupils and those preparing for university.

This trip has really been beneficial to our S3 pupils. They have loved the movie...and we will now use the teaching resources in class, to make the most of our visit. We have also really enjoyed the visit of the art gallery...
Teacher feedback
A group of children in blue school uniform put their hands up at DCA Cinema
Enjoying Discovery Film Festival
Children sit on the floor and draw in DCA Gallery.
Observing and drawing in DCA Galleries
School group doing drawing activities in DCA Meeting Room
Photo by Erika Stevenson
Group of school pupils in DCA Create Space watching a demonstration
Still from footage by Dylan Drummond
Thank you for the great experience! More school groups should do this!
Pupil feedback

Discovery Film Festival

Find out more about our annual festival, which screens films from all over the world which have been specially programmed for young audiences. You can also download Teachers' Resource Packs for use in the classroom.

We had a wonderful visit to Discovery Film Festival...The visit was wonderfully inclusive – we have a really mixed class this year, but every child got something out of the visit. This included children from our additional support needs class. The workshop was marvellous, it was a whistle-stop tour of animation through the ages and then the children were able to make their own animations...
Teacher feedback
Pupil pointing at an arwork in DCA galleries while talking to teacher

Art & Design Pupil Conference

A joint project with other partners in the city, our annual Pupil Conference brings together Art & Design pupils from across the city. Designed for those studying at Nat5 and above, this unique day helps pupils to develop critical skills and offers opportunities to engage in person with art and design, and to learn from local artists and designers. 

The day includes discussion sessions focusing on how to analyse artwork as well as tours of DCA galleries and outdoor public art, allowing pupils to see art in-person, expand their learning and increase their confidence when talking and writing about art.

I enjoyed my visits as I enjoyed learning about new art styles and techniques and seeing how many different ways artists express themselves creatively. It was v. interesting.

School group in DCA Meeting Room draing pictures

Bring your school to DCA

We can offer a variety of workshops, creative skills sessions, film screenings and tours for your class. Here are just a few examples of what you can do at DCA:

  • Try hands-on art making, printmaking or animation tasters that link to our programme, local issues or school topics
  • Take a tour of the exhibition(s) in DCA Galleries and be inspired by the work on display
  • Visit DCA Print Studio to see and try equipment and techniques used by artists
  • Explore the architecture of our building designed by Richard Murphy
  • Enjoy an end of term screening in DCA Cinema or view a film that links to what your studying in the classroom


For workshops and tours, contact

For cinema screenings, contact

School pupil working in DCA Print Studio
Photo by DCA
Pupils holding instruments in DCA Galleries
Photo by DCA
Child from Kingspark amiling getting tehir feet painted in DCA Create Space
Photo by DCA
Pupil from Banchory Academy painting a design on a tote bag
Photo by DCA
Child from Kingspark school looking at tub filled with colourful sand
Photo by DCA
Pupils using an iPad to craete an animation as part of Animating Science
Photo by DCA
Person conducting pupils playing instuments in DCA Galleries
Photo by DCA
Pupils form Braeview screen printing in DCa Print Studio
Photo by DCA
Teacher handing out paper to a group of school pupils

Continuous Lifelong Professional Learning (CLPL)

We can deliver CLPL linked to CfE Literacy, Expressive Art & Design, Film Education, Media Studies and printmaking techniques for the classroom for Early Years, through Primary levels to Nat 4 /5 and above. This can be tailored to suit your needs and delivered for two to 25 staff in a group. 

For more details contact