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Detail of laser etched edition Afterfeather: Caspian Tiger showing a tiger in amongst a floral design

Afterfeather: Introducing two new DCA Editions by Sukaina Kubba

We're delighted to share two new DCA Editions by Sukaina Kubba: Afterfeather: Poplar Tree and Afterfeather: Caspian Tiger, created in DCA Print Studio and co-published between DCA and Mercer Union, Toronto, through the support of Creative Scotland & British Council.

These limited-edition laser etchings were produced by the artist and our Print Studio to coincide with Kubba's exhibition, Turn Me Into a Flower,  which is now open in DCA galleries. This is the first major show in a UK institution by the Toronto-based artist and it includes existing works alongside new commissions created during a month-long production residency in DCA Print Studio.

Kubba is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is strongly rooted in material and cultural research, storytelling, and drawing connections. The artist works with industrial and packaging materials, and explores traveling objects, textiles and vehicles as carriers of cross-cultural histories. Her recent research into Persian rugs, encountered through family and domestic encounters, fictional stories and collections, seeks to transmit narratives of their travel, trade and acquisition into collections. Her work invokes the history of these rugs: their origins, extraction, manufacture, packaging and trade, and deployment of their textures and visual properties.


Fri 21 Jun

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Image of artworks hanging in Gallery 2 as part of Sukaina Kubba's exhibition Turn Me Into a Flower
Photo by Ruth Clark
An intricate image of a leaf created by Sukaina Kubba. It has red vines and flowers on it.
Photograph by Sukaina Kubba
Close up deatil of laser etched artwork by Sukaina Kubba
Photo by Ruth Clark
Close up deatil of paper pulp artwork by Sukaina Kubba
Photo by Ruth Clark
Artist Sukaina Kubba and Head of DCA Print Studio Marion Ferguson in DCA Print Studio looking at samples

During her residency at DCA, Kubba visited several Scottish collections of carpets and textiles. Taking tracings from a selection of archival designs, Kubba worked with the Print Studio to develop these drawings into large format prints, ranging from paper pulp casting, embossing and laser engraving to screen prints made on DCA’s large-format press, one of the biggest in Scotland’s printmaking studios.

Continuing this collaboration with DCA Print Studio, Kubba worked on a pair of black laser etchings as part of our Editions programme. These are based on a tracing Kubba drew of a document at the Stoddard-Templeton Design archive at the University of Glasgow and feature depicts Iranian flora and fauna (such as a poplar trees, Caspian tigers and nightingales) and common rug motifs such as the medallion. 

It's been such a pleasure to welcome Sukaina Kubba into the studio as part of the first print production residency collaboration between DCA Print Studio and Exhibitions. Sukaina worked with the team across several printmaking techniques, finding innovative ways to create the work that appears in Gallery 2 and develop this pair of laser-etchings for our DCA Editions programme. We're delighted to make them available as a pair or individually. A beautiful example of how they look framed can be seen in the Editions Space.
Marion Ferguson Head of DCA Print Studio
Details of Afterfeather: Poplar Tree
Afterfeather: Poplar Tree (detail)
Afterfeather: Poplar Tree
Afterfeather: Poplar Tree
Afterfeather: Caspian Tiger
Afterfeather: Caspian Tiger
Tiger detail of Afterfeather: Caspian Tiger laser etching on black paper
Afterfeather: Caspian Tiger (detail)
Two framed laser etchings on the wall of DCA Editions space

By etching almost to the full depth of the Somerset Velvet Black paper, the images visually alternate between a velvety and a lace-like texture, harking back to the textiles imitated by the Stoddard-Templeton designers. 

These DCA Editions can be bought together as a pair for £150 or individually for £80. Take a look at our online shop or come and take a closer look in our Editions space on the Ground floor.