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People wearing red aprons take part in craft activities at our Craft Sunday event.
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Craft Sunday: exploring the benefits of crafting

A look back on some of the makes and feedback from our craft workshops

There are many benefits to crafting. The NHS lists learning new skills, connecting with others and mindfulness as three of their Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing (all things that can be achieved when crafting as a group), Craft Council have shared 4 Reasons Craft is Good for your Mental Health, and Craft Scotland, along with NHS Lothian Charity‚Äôs Tonic Arts, have launched a campaign highlighting the Value of Art & Craft in Scotland's Wellbeing

It's something we've seen evidence of through our Craft Sunday workshops. Running since 2010, we started these workshops to provide people with the opportunity to learn new skills from a professional maker and, over the course of an afternoon, make and finish a project using quality materials. We designed these to be as welcoming and relaxed as possible (with tea, coffee, cake and biscuits provided) in order to encourage people to come together and chat while they learn.

We've covered a wide variety of crafts, from concrete casting, wood carving and leather work to embroidery, weaving and millinery, to name a few. Here's a look at some of the results:


Wed 15 Feb

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Wreath made with dried flowers and yellow twine
Image by DCA
Ceramic hanging planter with red leaf design
Image by DCA
Woven plant pot holder with green, yellow and rust coloured design. Created using peg loom weaving.
Image by DCA
Two log cushions with printed designs with embroidered details
Image by DCA
Two embroidery hoops woth printed letter designs embellished with embroidery
Image by DCA
Pair of earrings made from acrylic, metal shapes and Leather circles
Image by DCA

At the end of each class we ask participants for feedback to find out things like why they attend, where they travel from (some have come from as far as London!), and if there's anything they'd change about the workshop. When we ask people what they got out of the day, we can see that attending Craft Sunday helps to:

Craft Sunday attendee bolding their decorated ceramic hanging planter and smiling

Give a sense of purpose and achievement

Great to learn a new skill and go away with something.

Enjoyed being creative and using different medium than I'm used to.

Something different. Achievable for beginners, no experience required.

Was able to create something really beautiful to take home at the end of the day.

After a very clear explanation, I got the hang of it quickly and the more I did, the easier and more enjoyable it got. All in all, a fantastic experience.
Group of people around a table taking part in a peg loom weaving workshop and chatting

Build connections with others

Nice day out with my friend and chance to learn another craft.

It has been great to do craft with others for a boost of motivation after so long doing things on my own.

The social aspect was lovely.

I came alone but that doesn't matter as you always get chatting to the people around you."

Really friendly atmosphere, fantastic demo and good help and advice on hand. Really enjoyed meeting new people too.
Group of people sitting around a table making paper flowers

Boost confidence

I hadn't tried anything like this before - always happy to learn a new skill.

Really liked being able to experiment with a craft without having to buy all the supplies and equipment upfront. 

Great and confidence building!

Class was fun and relaxed, feel I learned something I would do again at home.

It was so much fun, having never done it before, the workshop gave me the confidence and knowledge to print my own tote bag which was amazing.
People sitting around a table covered in green plant cuttings

Take time out and be mindful

Enjoyed learning a new technique and found the weaving process quite relaxing.

Really therapeutic, a great way to relax and create.

The class was relaxing and well-supported

Lovely chilled afternoon.

Very good. Time passed very quickly - totally absorbing.

Two women make a lampshade at a Craft Sunday event.

And one of our favourite quotes that sums it all up is: 

I am connected, creative and content.


If you'd like to give crafting a go, take a look at our upcoming craft workshops below. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see the results from each workshop. 

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