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Dundead prints on the drying rack in DCA Print Studio

Designing Dundead 2024

Q&A with Dundead 2024 illustrator Liam Doyle

Dundead 2024, the twelfth edition of our horror and cult film festival, is fast approaching. Taking place from Thu 16 to Sun 19 May, it brings a long weekend full of brand new horror films, classic slashers and lots more.

You may have noticed this year's logo adorning posters and up on our cinema screens. Celebrating the slasher film retrospective programmed as part of the festival, the design was created by Abertay University student Liam Doyle. Ahead of the festival we caught up with Liam to find out more about the idea behind it and what he's looking forward to seeing at Dundead 2024.


Tue 7 May

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Dundead logo with knifewith pink details going through the middle D

Hi Liam! We love your design for this year's Dundead festival. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

That's a good question - I watched all of the films programmed for the slasher retrospective at this year's Dundead festival and narrowed the ideas down into a common theme. The most common element of these movies was just absurd weapons, like a guitar that is also a power drill and a porcelain plate. I decided to stick with something more simplistic and classic - a knife. 

I followed this up by creating designs using strong bold linework commonly found in early 2000s Cartoon Network cartoons such as Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I decided that I wanted to also incorporate my own style into the logo -  I commonly use halftones and gradients to create texture. The halftone here is referencing many album covers from the 1980s, such as Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and The Clash. 

My art style is influenced by James Hewlett’s Gorillaz artwork, Frank Miller’s Sin City and Stanley Donwood, who is most known as the artist behind Radiohead’s album covers.

My art style is influenced by James Hewlett’s Gorillaz artwork, Frank Miller’s Sin City and the art style of Stanley Donwood...
A man is seen from the shoulders up. He is wearing a helmet with a visor and many cables coming out of it.

Are you a big horror film fan?

I love horror movies! I've been a fan of them for as long as I can remember. The first horror I ever watched was the Saw franchise and from that moment I was hooked on the aesthetic of horror. For years I've been implementing it into my own artwork and animations as it creates a sense of dread which is so unique and empowering to the projects that I create. 

There is just this thing I feel while watching horror movies. There are so many different ways to scare people that anytime you watch a movie it is entirely different. The first few horror movies I watched were all from the early 90s as my cousin used to show me them. The way I like to introduce people into horror is by giving a selection of my top 10 favourite must watch movies: 1. Ravenous (1999), 2. Army of Darkness (1992), 3. The Conjuring 2 (2016), 4. Cloverfield (2008), 5. Dawn of The Dead (1978), 6. Christine (1983), 7. Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989), 8. Suspiria (1977), 9. 28 Days Later (2003) and 10. Videodrome (1983).

A man with a scary expression on his face and blood all over his face.

From your list, it looks like you've been to some Dundead screenings before - what's been your favourite?

My favourite film that's played as part of Dundead actually showed earlier this year: Ravenous, a movie about cannibals in the 19th century featuring Robert Carlyle and Guy Pierce. 

Since the screening, I have watched it about five times. I've become obsessed with the music, the way it's shot and the story. This film is all over the place, but it just works. The fact that this is an underrated gem is awful - I feel that everybody needs to see this movie.

I'm a big fan of Gorillaz so it makes sense that I would love the film's soundtrack as it was composed by Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman. When I hear the song Boyd’s Journey  I just feel this sense of calm in whatever I am doing. It’s a happy feeling and it’s weirdly all thanks to this movie. I just love it, it's so good and it was such a good experience seeing it in the cinema - the crowd in DCA was also amazing and I hope I have the same experience again soon at the festival.'s Warwick Davis in his early career killing people with porcelain plates! What's better than that!
Warwick Davis jumping through teh air holding a plate and looking threateningly at a man

Are there any films in particular you're looking forward to seeing at this year's festival?

The movie I'm most excited about seeing at this year's festival is Skinned Deep, it is such an underrated gem and it's so unintentionally funny. I haven't experienced a movie like this since I watched The Evil Dead franchise at DCA and that for me is hard to beat. 

I think if you're looking for a fun, goofy movie that has the same kind of feel as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, this is the movie for you. Like, come on - it's Warwick Davis in his early career killing people with porcelain plates! What's better than that!

Illustration of Mothman by Liam Doyle

You're just about to graduate from Abertay University - we'd love to hear a bit about your final project. And what's next for you?

My final project for Abertay is a 2D animated pilot with the hopes of pushing it towards a television network. The project is called Deadwood and it’s about hunting monsters such as the Mothman, Fresno nightcrawlers and other mythological creatures. 

It takes elements from the graphic novel Hellboy and the television show Supernatural to create an entirely new story based around these concepts. My main ambition for my project was to try and make a show that was funny as well as creepy. I have created merchandise as well as our pitch Bible to further help the understanding of what the show is. 

If you are free between the 16th and 18th of May, I'm part of the Abertay Digital Graduate Show, showing off all the production material created for the show. I'll be handing out free merchandise at my stall, so come along. And, if you wonder who is in a Mothman onesie at Dundead, it's probably me! Come up and say hi there too.

Next up - I'm looking for jobs in the industry of film and television and in the meantime, I plan to develop the pilot for Deadwood further as an internet short, with the idea of pitching it to television networks.

My main ambition for my project was to try and make a show that was funny as well as creepy.
Dundead 2024 screen print drying on the racks in DCA Print Studio

In the Print Studio

As part of creating the Dundead 2024 logo, we invited Liam to join us in the Print Studio to see the team turn his design into a limited edition screen print. 

Print Studio Coordinator, Claire McVinnie, separated out the layers of the two colour design and printed them both onto A5 card stock. Mixing the perfect pink was really important to capture the vivid colour that Liam had envisioned. Once the prints had dried, Liam got to work editioning and signing each one on the back. This limited edition prints are part of our Full Pass for Dundead 2024 and will also be available to buy. 

Claire McVinnie screen printing the Dudnead 2024 print
Photo by DCA
Black layer of Dundead Print drying on the rack in DCA Print Studio
Photo by DCA
Liam Doyle signing Dundead prints in DCA Print Studio
Photo by DCA
Print Studio Technichian, Claire McVinnie, and Dundead illustrator, Liam Doyle in DCA Print Studio holding Dundead 2024 screen prints
Photo by DCA