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Brightly coloured mural and artworks in a white gallery space

Exhibitions programme 2024-25

Three exciting new exhibitions from artists at varying stages of their careers

We're delighted to share details of our 2024-25 gallery programme, which sees our continuing commitment to working with artists at varying stages of their careers; from early career artists’ first major exhibitions to championing established international artists who may not have exhibited widely in Scotland or the UK. This year will also see the introduction of a new programme of production residencies with DCA Print Studio for exhibiting artists. 


Thu 14 Dec

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In April, multidisciplinary artist Sukaina Kubba's first solo exhibition in a UK institution will span both DCA gallery spaces and will bring together existing works with new commissions, including new works in print produced during a residency with DCA Print Studio in January 2024. This will be followed in August with an international solo exhibition by Peruvian artist Claudia Martínez Garay, her first major solo exhibition in the UK. In December, an intergenerational group exhibition will bring together existing work and newly commissioned prints by Helen Cammock, Ingrid Pollard and Camara Taylor.

Beth Bate, Director of DCA, said: 

We can't wait to share this exciting programme of exhibitions with our audiences. Spanning an incredible range of techniques, forms and themes, they bring together work from artists at all stages of their careers, and from around the world, to form a vibrant and engaging programme.


Tiffany Boyle, Head of Exhibitions at DCA, said:  

Our 2024-2025 exhibitions programme brings together an intergenerational cohort of practitioners across our three exhibitions. Collectively they share many common concerns – from the materiality of specific textiles and substances, to looking critically at Western museum collections and interrupting long-held official narratives. I’m really excited by the expansion of production in printmaking that we are building into next year’s programme with our Print Studio, and look forward to supporting this wonderful cohort of artists to produce new work for our galleries and audiences.

A two-toned fragment of green textile on a grey background

Sukaina Kubba

Sat 27 April – Sun 4 August 2024 

This major exhibition from Sukaina Kubba marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in a UK institution. 

Kubba is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is strongly rooted in material and cultural research, storytelling, and drawing connections. Kubba works with industrial and packaging materials, and explores traveling objects, textiles and vehicles as carriers of cross-cultural histories. Her practice spans the mediums of drawing, painting, printmaking, fibres, audio, video and installation, and explores narratives of cultural and material assimilation and appropriation.  

The artist’s recent experimentation in producing work with materials derived from various petrochemical processes (synthetic latex and rubber, PLA filament) led to rug-like, rolled textile/ installation objects. This in turn prompted Kubba to research Persian rugs which she had encountered through family and domestic encounters, fictional stories and collections, seeking to transmit narratives of the travel, trade and acquisition of rugs. Her work seeks to invoke the history of their origins, extraction, manufacture, packaging and trade; and the deployment of their textures and visual properties. Rugs – and textiles in general – more so than many artefacts, are intricately tied to a history of exchange and transport. It is in their nature to be rolled: they are nomadic units of architecture carried on the backs of horses, or in the bellies of shipping vessels, and unfurled to make familiar a home elsewhere. Kubba talks of the rugs that have followed her family and herself to numerous cities: Baghdad, London, Abu Dhabi, Montreal, Dubai, Glasgow and now Toronto. The Iraqi rugs in museum collections have followed a trajectory – from East to West – similar to that undertaken by the artist’s own family and the Iraqi diaspora. 

Kubba’s exhibition will span both DCA gallery spaces and will bring together existing works with new commissions, including new works in print produced during a residency with DCA Print Studio in January 2024. 

Brightly coloured mural and artworks in a white gallery space

Claudia Martínez Garay

Sat 23 August – Sun 17 November 2024 

This exhibition of new and existing works marks Claudia Martínez Garay’s first major solo exhibition in Scotland.  

Martínez Garay is a Peruvian artist who lives and works between Amsterdam and Lima. Her practice encompasses painting, sculpture, printmaking, video, and site-specific installation. The artist’s sculptural works frequently reference pre-Columbian aesthetics, particularly artefacts from the Incan civilisation. These sculptures are combined in larger installations in dialogue with symbolic elements derived from her research. Martínez Garay is interested in how artefacts, cultural relics, and propaganda communicate the history and social-political memory of cultures. Multiple interpretations of historical figures and artefacts are incorporated into the artist’s work, supplanting institutional narratives and notions of stewardship. The artist seeks to challenge the persistence of colonialist frameworks and official narratives informing our understanding of the pre-Columbian cultures. The fractured forms in her work signal stories and identities that have been obscured through a process of erosion, both metaphorical and literal. Martínez Garay re-animates the existing fragments of lost histories, underscoring the connections between that which can be salvaged and continued. 

An image of a monochrome photograph of a person that has been distorted

Helen Cammock, Ingrid Pollard and Camara Taylor

Sat 7 December 2024 – Sun 23 March 2025 

This intergenerational group exhibition brings together the work of Helen Cammock, Ingrid Pollard and Camara Taylor, drawing focus to specific gestures and modes of creating for each artist in the medium of printmaking, and to the way each artist’s printmaking practice responds to exploring identity and re-thinking historical narratives through soft, poetic actions. Bringing together existing works and new commissions across the galleries, these printed works will be contextualised by works from each artist in other media and through placing their practices in dialogue with one another.