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Etching of a Dundee landscape created at ST/ART Autumn Printmaking School in DCA Print Studio

Exploring printmaking with ST/ART

Take a look at a selection of Riso prints and etchings created by participants of our autumn ST/ART programme.

ST/ART is a partnership project between our Learning team and Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust (THAT) which has been running since 2004. The project is designed to help engage individuals with long term health conditions, such as head injuries, stroke, MS and chronic pain, with different creative activities as a way to promote health and wellbeing.

For our autumn programme, we spent time in DCA Print Studio experimenting with the processes of Riso printing and etching. Take a look at wonderful prints that the ST/ART group created and find out more about these printmaking processes...


Fri 1 Dec

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Etching of Dundee landscape showing Law hill, Discover, and V&A


The group used this printmaking technique to create atmospheric landscapes, with many participants being inspired by the local area or places they'd visited.  

The process started with members of the group thinking about and planning their illustration and artwork. This was transferred onto a zinc plate which was then etched by being immersed in acid. The group used the resulting plates to print with using a traditional printing press.

The results produced some beautiful prints featuring different tones. 



Etching of a landscape in black ink on white paper
Etching in brown ink on white paper showing three pigeons sitting on a fence beside water
Collection of riso prints

Riso Printing

This was the first time that Riso printing had been offered as part of the ST/ART programme and the group really embraced the process.

The participants enjoyed experimenting by combining photographic imagery, collage, drawing and painting to create bold and colourful prints. Riso printing provided them with fast results and the group enjoyed seeing the effects of layering different colours of ink.

The prints they created featured patterns, nature and messages.

Riso print of a red rabbit agains a green map
Riso print featuring the words 'Everything happerns for a good reason' surrounded by a pink and black decorative border
Riso print of text reading 'Risos t be cheerfull' in purple and pink
Riso print of an orange fish with blue spots swiming in blue water
Two people looking at a display of prints in DCA Create Space


All eleven participants reported feeling an increase in their mood and confidence after completing the workshops, and they provided some lovely feedback:

Started the week feeling rather anxious but was able to relax and enjoy the workshop with a good tutor & group.

This course has definitely boosted my confidenceā€¦ it has also helped my concentration.

Being with a group of people who want to be creative has been mutually beneficial. Encouragement and commendation has given me a real boost.

I really enjoyed coming to DCA, lovely people and staff. Well supported in every aspect.


A celebration and display of the work created was held in Create Space at the end of the autumn school, giving participants, tutors, family, friends and visitors a chance to see the wide array of prints created.

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