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Flourish Calendar pages including May with butterfly and jar design, June with landscape deisgn and July with fire works and ice lollies

Flourish group embrace 2024 by creating their own calendar

As part of our long-term partnership with Dundee International Women’s Centre (DIWC), their Flourish parenting group created their very own Riso printed calendar. 

Working with our Learning and Print Studio teams over six weeks, the group designed, printed and assembled a colourful 2024 calendar that could be shared with friends and family. Starting the design process during creative sessions at DIWC, they experimented with creating different designs based on holidays, weather and themes of each month. With so many ideas, they then had the tricky decision of which artwork to use for each page.


Tue 30 Jan

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Sheets of paper covered in drawings as members of the Flourish group plan the designs for their calendar
Riso printing book and examples of prints on a table with post it notes, scisors and pens
January calendar page featuring a snowman being printed on the Riso machine for Flourish Calendar

Once the group had made their plan for the calendar, they got to work creating the designs for each page. They then took these into DCA Print Studio, where they got printing using the Risograph machine. 

Invented in Japan in the 1980s, these machines are a cross between photo-copying and screen printing. The process is very fast-paced, making it the perfect choice for creating lots of calendar pages quickly. Once printed, the pages were then assembled into calendars, ready for the group to hand out to friends and family.

Flourish Calendar with pages for August, September, October, Novermber and December
Flourish Calendars in DCA Print Studio
Members of the Flourish groupp in DCA Print Studio working on their Riso printed calendar

The Flourish learners had lots to say about the positive impacts of art making, being a part of the Flourish group and printing using specialist kit at DCA: 


I went to DCA with the Flourish class from DIWC, it was an amazing experience. We got to see the print studio and the paintings in the gallery, it was my first time visiting.

I really enjoy DCA. I love to do the activities like this. Thank you DCA team.

Coming to Flourish at DIWC and doing activities at DCA has been an inspirational and fun time.

I recommend the DIWC Flourish class. I am new to Dundee and I don’t have any family or friends. DIWC is my safe space where I can meet other families.