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Screenshots of games in a variety of styles.

Games announced for Drop in and Play 2024

Coming Sat 25 May

We're delighted to share the full list of developers who will be joining us for our Drop in and Play event, in partnership with Ninja Kiwi!

Taking place on Sat 25 May, this free event will showcase the work of 12 local game developers and will include brand new titles, along with favourites from previous Drop In and Play events. Drop in to DCA between 13:00 and 16:00 to be among the first to try these new games and meet the creatives behind them. 

Joining us for the first time are...


Thu 25 Apr

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Ant Workshop: Into the Restless Ruin

Ant Workshop, a small indie studio based in Edinburgh, will be showcasing Into the Restless Ruins, a roguelike deckbuilder where you build the dungeon you fight through. Succeed, and The Harvest Maiden will grant your wishes – but be careful not to wake up The Warden.

Screengrab from the game Into the Restless Ruins. A dark maze in purple.
Into the Restless Ruins
A screen grab from Into the Restless Ruins. A pixel art, top-down maze which is purple.
Into the Restless Ruins

Cognitive Games: Deadlocked

Cognitive is a new studio founded by Abertay University student Dominik Gawron. They’ll be bringing Deadlocked, a surprisingly cute top-down shooter where you can destroy spaceships while also unlocking pet companions and customising your character.

The title screen from Deadlocked, a game. The word deadlocked appears behind a cog. A little robot with green eyes stands in the foreground.
A screen grab from the game Deadlocked. A robot shoots a space ship in an orange and red background.

Melonleaf Industries: Bean to Me!

Indie studio Melonleaf Industries will be bringing their new game Bean to Me!, which offers a new take on one of the world’s oldest board games, Mancala.  Mancala involves moving beans around a dimpled board, and Bean to Me! gives this a twist, with special beans that add new rules and possibilities.

A computer-drawn image of a Mancala board.
Bean to Me!

Leo McArdle: Strata

From solo developer and music producer Leo McArdle comes Strata. This deceptively simple platforming game showcases a set of movement mechanics that, once mastered, allow you to fly through the level at impossible speeds.

A screenshot from the game Strata. Purple rectangles fall from the ceiling in a 2D platforming world.
A screen grab from the game Strata. A small circle jumps over spikes in a black-and-white world.

Andrew Murdoch and Robin Lawrence: Springpong

Andrew Murdoch and Robin Lawrence will be bringing along their new game Springpong, a fast-paced, multiplayer competitive pinball game. Pick from a variety of plant-based teams and enjoy the Claymation aesthetic while taking on rivals in the World Cup.

The title screen from Springpong. A pinball table, made out of clay.
A screen grab of the game Springpong. Two pinball machines, with control instructions next to them.

Anzal Baig and Jose Luis Pacheco Boscan: Pip Pepper Park Planner

Anzal Baig and Jose Luis Pacheco Boscan will be showcasing their award-winning strategy game Pip Pepper Park Planner. Play as Pip, a little bird with a big job: to design a public park for animals to enjoy. Develop a fully customisable park, interacting with lots of different animals while you work.

The title image from Pip Pepper Park Planner - a little bird wearing a construction hat and a speech bubble with an exclamation mark coming out of it. He is walking through a park with a trampoline, a squid, a hamster and a deer standing in it.
Pip Pepper Park Planner
A screen grab from Pip Pepper Park Planner, a little bird wearing a hard hat sits in a construction site.
Pip Pepper Park Planner

Ryan Scott: Battlemaps AR

Ryan Scott will be showcasing Battlemaps AR, which combines augmented reality with tabletop roleplaying games to enhance the player experience. Make your own 2D scenarios using physical cards, then scan the cards with a smart device to see them come to life with 3D animation.

A screen grab from the game Battle Maps AR, which shows dragons landing on a 3D chessboard.
Battlemaps AR
The logo for Battle Maps AR, which has a picture of a dragon.
Battlemaps AR

Our returning game developers are…

Bitloom: Sproot

From Bitloom, the makers of the adorable puzzle game PHOGS!  comes Sproot, a new prototype which follows a little bulb and their plant pot friend on a big adventure. Spin and jump your way through an overgrown garden as Sproot the bulb, solving puzzles and searching for hidden seeds.

A screenshot from the game Sproot. A little sapling smiles, sitting in a flower pot. They are in a 3D world, with floating platforms with grass on them.
A screen grab from the game Sproot. A little smiling sapling dances through a brightly coloured 3D world.

Studio Catloaf: Book of Abominations

Winners of the 2023 Dare Academy at Abertay University, Studio Catloaf (previously known as Magination Games) will be returning with Book of Abominations, a Lovecraftian pixel art monster collecting RPG inspired by the likes of Pokémon and Final Fantasy

A screen grab of the game Book of Abominations. Small fantasy creatures fight in a green forest. A health bar at the top of the image says 'Miasmoth, the Befouled'. A book is open at the bottom of the page with other characters names on it.
Book of Abominations
A small pixel man stands in a pixel log cabin with book shelves, a bed and a kitchen in it.
Book of Abominations

Ghost Camp: Forest of Deceit

From Ghost Camp, the creators behind Dare Academy hit Tales of Treachery comes Forest of Deceit, a 4-8 player social deduction game which features a beautiful hand-drawn art style and narration from acclaimed author Neil Gaiman.  

The title card from the game Foret of Deceit. A black silhouette drawing of pine trees and a moon, with the words 'Forest of Deceit',
Forest of Deceit
A screen grab from the game Forest of Deceit. The main picture is of a camp fire. There are lots of player icons on the screen, and the words 'It's time to discuss...'.
Forest of Deceit

James Rhodes: Boingo

Solo developer James Rhodes will be returning to Drop in and Play with Boingo, a colourful and approachable platformer. Help Boingo bounce, wall-jump and air-dash through a wealth of exciting 2D platforming challenges, collecting Star Power as you go.

A screenshot of the game Boingo. A little blue circle speeds through platforming challenges, across grey platforms with spikes. The background is dark with planets and stars.
A screenshot of the game Boingo. A little blue circle speeds through the sky, avoiding rotating spiky wheel with angry faces. The background orange with pink clouds.

Stefan Olsson: Groven

Stefan Olsson returns to Drop in and Play with Groven, a platforming game where you can roleplay as an aspiring blacksmith. Complete forging jobs, go on expeditions, and gather materials to craft more items and complete more requests.


A screenshot of the game 'Groven' which shows characters talking to each other in a pixel art village.
The title screen from Groven, which shows a man with a moustache and long hair covering his eyes.

Astrodreamer: A Bonnie Odyssey

Dundee-based game developers Astrodreamer Studio will be showcasing their debut title, puzzle mystery A Bonnie Odyssey. In this open-world sci-fi adventure, you’ll play as Zoe, exploring the Scottish wilds and making odd little friends along the way.

The title card from the game A Bonnie Odyssey. A computer drawing of a red-headed girl standing in a forest next to a little robot. They are surrounded by pine trees.
A Bonnie Odyssey
Gameplay from A Bonnie Odyssey. A 3D image of a road, with trees and grass. A large, futuristic structure stands in the background.
A Bonnie Odyssey

Ninja Kiwi: Bloons TD Battles 2

Finally, our partners Ninja Kiwi will be bringing their latest head-to-head smash hit Bloons TD Battles 2 for players to prove their strategy prowess against their friends and family

A screenshot of Ninja Kiwi's strategy game Bloons.
A screenshot of Ninja Kiwi's strategy game Bloons.

We can't wait to welcome all of these developers and their games to DCA on Sat 25 May. Pop along between 13:00 and 16:00 to get involved.



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Ninja Kiwi has been making awesome games since 2005. Developers of the hit Bloons series of games, Ninja Kiwi are always striving to make the most enjoyable experiences for audiences across the globe from their offices in Dundee, Scotland and Auckland, New Zealand.