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Two men in 19th century American clothes stand in an abandoned cottage.
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The best films from 1999

DCA Cinema team share their top film picks from 25 years ago

DCA first opened to the public on 19 March 1999, and to celebrate this special birthday we’re taking a look back at films that are also turning 25 this year. We asked DCA Cinema team to take us through their top films picks from 1999 – read on to find out more.


Fri 15 Mar

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A woman in a red coat stands in front of a giant mural of a blonde woman.

DCA’s new Cinema Young Audiences Coordinator, Amaya Marco, made a compelling case for Pedro Almodóvar’s classic All About My Mother:

All About My Mother has all the traits that have made the Manchego director world famous: his iconic red colour palette, the melodramatic performances from a brilliant female cast, and an equal amount of intense emotion and punk humour. It glows with two of my favourite themes in Almodóvar’s filmography: female solidarity and the overwhelming effect of the arts.

A man and woman wearing dark sunglasses and leather in The Matrix.

For Simon Lewis, DCA Cinema Manager, the answer was obvious:

1999 was truly the year of one defining choice: Red Pill or Blue Pill? Even with Fight Club, Toy Story and Star Wars in the mix, nothing was going to top The Matrix – a gravity-defying, kung fu, sci-fi spectacular. I sailed to the end of the film on pure adrenaline – what an exciting time!

Two men in 19th century American clothes stand in an abandoned cottage.

Cinema Programme Assistant, Michael Coull looked back at a great year for horror when making his choice:

We got a lot of stand-out horror films in 1999, but Ravenous might be the most unique of the bunch. A cannibal western comedy from British director Antonia Bird, with game performances from Robert Carlyle and David Arquette and a gorgeous and strange score by Michael Nyman and Blur’s Damon Albarn - what more could we want?

A young boy stands outside. Another boy, who can only partially be seen, is playing with a washing pole.

Head of Cinema David Nixon gave us an exclusive look at DCA’s upcoming film programme with his pick:

Lynne Ramsay’s debut feature, Ratcatcher, is my favourite film from 1999, and I'm delighted to say we'll be screening a new 4K restoration in April - dates and times will be announced very soon. 

At once bleak and beautiful, Ratcatcher combines poetry and social realism to explore the childhood experiences of a troubled boy growing up in a gloomy 1970s Glasgow. Ramsay has only made 3 films since her debut 25 years ago, but rumour has it she is in production on a new film, and I can't wait!

Thank you so much Cinema team for walking us through a great year for film. What were your 1999 favourites? Fill in a helloDCA card on your next visit to let us know!

We’re bringing back a selection of the best films from 1999 to celebrate DCA’s 25th birthday,  including Ravenous, All About My Mother and more. Tickets to these screenings for DCA Members are just £5 – sign up now to support DCA and make the most of this special offer.