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We reveal the opening film for DUNDEAD 2024 🕷

Join us for a UK premiere

There's just one month to go until Dundead 2024 and we're excited to reveal the opening film of the festival is the UK premiere of Sting!

This funny, old-school creature feature tells the story of 12-year-old Charlotte (Alyla Browne) who lives with her mother, her mother’s boyfriend, her baby brother … and her pet spider, Sting. But Sting has a voracious appetite and seems to be growing at an alarming rate. 

It's Stranger Things meets Eight-Legged Freaks, with an incredibly creepy monster at its heart. The special effects used to bring Sting to life are by the legendary Weta Workshop, with a great mix of CGI and practical. 


Tue 16 Apr

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I’m really happy to announce the UK premiere of Sting as our opening film. This is a big, fun monster movie about one girl and her giant killer spider. It's full of practical effects by the legendary Weta Workshop and writer/director Kiah Roache-Turner is a self-professed arachnophobe, so you know the eight-legged mayhem is going to be both satisfyingly crunchy and creepy.
Michael Coull Dundead Programmer
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Screening at 20:00 on Thu 16 May Sting begins our weekend full of horror fun for Dundead 2024. See everything in the festival with a Full Pass, plus get a festival t-shirt and limited edition print, or grab a Half Pass to see your choice of six screenings and take home a t-shirt.