Visiting the Print Studio

We’ve really been enjoying welcoming registered users back to DCA Print Studio with our session based access system. This will now be a permanent fixture, with new session times and studio fees starting from Tue 3 August 2021. Details of these new session times can be viewed here.

Registered Studio Users can book sessions by emailing (preferable), phoning 01382 432475 or in person when in the Print Studio. You can now book two/three sessions on the same day, and are able to book the same equipment/area for as many days in a week as required. Sessions can be booked up to three weeks in advance. Please book at least two days in advance.

If you are interested in becoming a member at the DCA Print Studio, or would like to know more information about what printmaking techniques you can learn by one-to-one tuitions, then please email the Print Studio team at

We're also offering a new screen exposure service: more information can be found here.

For more detailed information for registered users, please see here

About DCA Print Studio

In our Print Studio you can use state-of-the-art facilities to create print, photography and digital work. Courses and pre-arranged one-to-ones provide an introduction to the equipment we offer, and new users are always welcome.

Anyone can become a registered Print Studio user, allowing them open access to the space. On registering, users take part in an induction course which outlines how to book equipment, payment for use of the studio facilities, health and safety practices and other information.

A member of staff will always be available to help with any queries you may have. Please check the staff rota board to find out who is on duty, as some staff members may be carrying out other studio business or using facilities outside of working hours, and therefore won't be available for consultation.

The brightly lit studio space is a flexible working environment, with professional equipment that can be safely used by trained non-professionals. It has low-level working and storage with wide access routes to facilitate wheelchair manoeuvrability and ease of use by people with mobility impairment.

Opening Hours
Tue - Thu: 11:00 - 21:00
Fri - Sat: 11:00 -18:00

Telephone: 01382 432475

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