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Alien on Stage

Dundead - Scottish Premiere

In Dorset, no one can hear you scream.

This irresistible documentary from directors Lucy Harvey and Danielle Kummer tells the unlikely story of an ambitious group of bus drivers from Dorset, who, in place of their usual Christmas pantomime, decide to instead stage an am-dram adaptation of Ridley Scott’s 1979 special-effects-filled sci fi horror masterpiece Alien. How hard could it be?

The film quickly introduces us to the key personalities in this intrepid group, dubbed the Paranoid Dramatics, who are offered the chance to take their show to the bright lights of London. There’s David, the exasperated director; Lydia, his leading lady and wife; Lydia’s son, Luc, the lifelong Alien fan whose idea it was in the first place; Luc’s girlfriend Amy, on sound and costumes, and many more besides, each as characterful as the last. It’s clear that even for those crew and cast members who are not directly related to the director, the sense of family (bickering and all) doesn’t just extend to blood relations. 

While a film like this could very easily have steered into murkier, more cynical waters, Harvey and Kummer clearly have nothing but affection for this group of would-be thespians and amidst the hysterically wooden acting and dramatic clumsiness, there is real wonder in seeing the home-made effects, props, and yes, Alien costume come to life. With the cast very much in on the joke, and sharing in our incredulity even at their own mission, it is impossible not to laugh along with them. This is a hilarious, triumphant and surprisingly touching ode to creativity and the passion that any horror fan will recognise something of themselves in. 

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