We show about five exhibitions of contemporary art each year, work made mainly by living artists, who work directly with us to conceive and construct an exhibition tailored for local audiences. Much of this work has not been seen before and attracts audiences from across Scotland and across the UK.

Exhibitions can include early career Scottish artists, work by international artists who have not shown in the UK before, or work linked to specific strands and themes such as the annual Discovery Film Festival.

DCA has an international profile and is able to attract artists from the leading centres of contemporary art across the globe to show here in Dundee. It also has a strong reputation for supporting young Scottish talent and has been credited with exhibiting the work of many Turner Prize winning artists before they have achieved wider exposure.

Contemporary Art galleries can often be strange and unusual places to visit but at DCA we want to make sure that every visitor can find something important in an exhibition. Have a chat with our Gallery Assistants, they’re there to help you find out about the work, and your views are welcomed.