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To See Ourselves + Q&A

Scottish Encounters

We’re delighted to welcome director Jane McAllister, radio broadcaster Lesley Riddoch and journalist and activist Ruth Watson to DCA Cinema for a post-screening discussion and Q&A. 

To See Ourselves is a personal, thoughtful and emotional account of the 2014 Independence referendum by award-winning filmmaker Jane McAllister.

"...personal, thoughtful and emotional"

Filmed during the summer of 2014, McAllister has collated first-hand footage of the build-up to the referendum and its aftermath, all while “on the hoof, heavily pregnant and with no budget.” Following her father Fraser, a fervent Yes campaigner, McAllister captured the energy, the friction and the endless debates of that fateful summer. Affectionate without being sentimental, anyone who remembers the time will recognise the humour and the heartbreak which McAllister has captured onscreen. 

Watching the film now, it’s not just a valuable time capsule of a pivotal moment in Scotland’s history, but a film which encourages empathy, self-reflection and open and constructive dialogue about the future.