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Lend Me Your Legends

In collaboration with artist Pum, the DCA Print Studio team have created screenprinted versions of her synthesised collaged images. 

Pum employs the cut-and-paste of collage media to choreograph a visual language which slides and collides with the viewer and transmits a dreamlike reverberation. She sees herself as the architect of imagery which DCA Print Studio has then taken and skilfully translated into print.

These works are about our shared human capacity for experiencing the imaginary realm, and explore whether we can suspend the everyday logic of life and let our mind’s eye wander over the image and enter into its silent dialogues and elusive legends. 

Pum is a painter and a collagist.  She studied Philosophy at Glasgow University and has a Masters (Research) in Creative Practices from Glasgow School of Art .   

Pum makes work which investigates the invisible processes involved in establishing a sense of self. She is fascinated with the psychological aspects of human relationships and employs the imaginative realm to unearth and re-evaluate humankind’s aesthetic relationship with ourselves and the wider ecosystem.

She makes use of the creative process as a research method. Her creative practice also plays an integral part in her ability to manage her life with Autism.