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DCA is home to contemporary art exhibitions including Turner Prize winners and internationally well-known artists. We show five exhibitions a year including early career Scottish artists, work by international artists who have not shown in the UK before. You may not have heard of all the artists we show but come with a spirit of adventure and discover work with may surprise and challenge you.

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16 Jul 2016 - 04 Sep 2016

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Eddo Stern

Small Wars

Eddo Stern's work explores the uneasy and otherwise unconscious connections between physical existence and electronic simulation. Working with various media, including game design, live performance and kinetic sculpture, Stern advocates independent game development and the inherent potential of game design as a medium for artist expression and cultural impact.

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16 Jul 2016 - 04 Sep 2016

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Theresa Duncan


Theresa Duncan (1966-2007) was a writer, filmmaker and computer game creator who became known in the 1990s for developing graphic adventure games for girls. Three of Duncan's games, Chop Suey, Smarty and Zero Zero were restored in 2014 by Rhizome and are available to play at the exhibition.

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