Ella Bergmann-Michel – Social Ethics and Radicality (tbc)

6 July 2010


Chicks on Speed combine punk attitude and DIY ethic in Chicks on Speed Don’t, Art, Fashion, Music at DCA. These films have been specially chosen to accompany the exhibition.

DCA would like to thank Marlies Pfeifer and the Goethe-Institut Glasgow for their support in sourcing the Bauhaus material included in this season.

One of the first artists in the constructivist movement to incorporate photography into her artwork, Ella Bergmann-Michel’s contribution to the abstract art movement is often overlooked. Bergmann-Michel’s style was very specialized and unique, especially considering the restrictive time in which she was actively working.

This programme is a collection of the short documentaries she made in the early 1930s, including Wo Wohnen Alte Leute? (1932), depicting a socially committed home for the elderly, Erwerbslose Kochen für Ewerbslose (1932), Fliegende Händler in Frankurt am Main (1932), which addressed the subversive resistance of the unemployed, and Wahlkampf 1932 (Letzte Wahl) (1932), a sober account of the increasing polarisation of public life in the final phase of the Weimar Republic.

Director: Ella Bergmann-Michel

Duration: 1h50m

Country: Germany

Language: German with English subtitles

Year: 1998

Format: DVD

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