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An evening with Buster Keaton and Neil Brand

Chas F. Reisner

Please note this event starts promptly at 19:00.

We are delighted to welcome composer, musician and broadcaster Neil Brand (BBC4 Sound of Cinema, Sound of Song, Sound of Musicals and Radio 4 Film Programme regular) to DCA to present an evening of Buster Keaton, playing live piano accompaniment alongside clips of his funniest moments and the magnificent feature Steamboat Bill Junior.

"If you've never seen Buster in the cinema, this is the perfect way to do it." 

A classic from the silent era, the story hinges on a battle between two paddle steamer owners in the town of Muddy Waters. J.J. King runs the plush new steamer, and is determined to put his rival, The Stonewall Jackson, out of business. The Stonewall Jackson is a rotted-out hulk operated by grizzled old-timer Steamboat Bill, who hopes things will improve when his estranged son returns home. Unfortunately, Steamboat Bill Jr. (Keaton) turns out to be stylish, shaky on his sea legs and – worst of all – in love with King's daughter, and things look quite hopeless. But when his father is jailed and a destructive storm sweeps through Muddy Waters, Junior gets an opportunity to prove himself a hero.

Come on a journey with Neil through Buster's early life, his funniest gags and most death-defying stunts and finally watch him try to impress his river-rat father and get caught in a cyclone that brings that house falling down around him. If you thought you knew Buster, there will be plenty to surprise you, and if you've never seen Buster in the cinema, this is the perfect way to do it.