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Marilyn Edmond

Connect is the directorial debut of Scottish filmmaker Marilyn Edmond and is a heartfelt drama which aims to open conversations around important issues of mental health and particularly suicide among young men. Shot on a small budget in North Berwick, it is full of images of the natural beauty of Scotland’s coastline, an environment which appropriately can be as harsh and unforgiving as it can calm and serene.

"An ambitious film about truly vital issues..."

Kevin Guthrie (Sunshine on Leith, Sunset Song) plays Brian, a young man who is struggling with his mental health. He goes to work, visits family and carries on with life, afraid to open up about how he feels and what he is going through. One night, when Brian is at his lowest, he meets Jeff, an older man who offers Brian support and possibly even some relief from his constant inner turmoil. Moments of utter despair meet moments of hope; with Jeff’s support, he volunteers at a local nursing home, reconnects with his sister and sparks up a possible romance with single mother Sam.

Connect is an ambitious film about truly vital issues, and doesn’t shy away from trying to articulate the harrowing pain and depths which many people feel on a daily basis. Ultimately, it is a film that looks for solutions, and encourages audiences to feel liberated and empowered in the discussion of subjects that are too often thought of as difficult. 

We're delighted to welcome director Marilyn Edmond to DCA after the film for an audience Q&A.