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DCA Editions - Chicks on Speed, Katy Dove and Alex Frost

Our newest editions are now available for viewing in the Print Space above our Shop. The selection includes newly released prints by Chicks on Speed, Katy Dove and Alex Frost.

As part of the curatorial programme, DCA works directly with artists to develop limited edition artworks. DCA, uniquely for a gallery of its standing, houses a world-class facility for the production of printed art works. Artistic production is central to our creative mission and we are lucky to be able to invite artists to work here with us on site in our state-of-the-art Print Studio.

For more information on the featured editions, visit the Editions & Publications section.

Buying Contemporary Art
Our editions are available to buy and aim to make it easier and more affordable for anybody to collect original, contemporary art by leading artists. DCA participates in the Own Art scheme, which makes it easier for everyone to buy artwork. You can borrow anything from £100 up to £2000 and pay it back over 10 monthly installments, free of interest charges. Please ask us for details.

For further information on DCA Editions please contact Melissa MacRobert on 01382 909 255 or at