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Jon Favreau

One of the busiest men in Hollywood currently, Jon Favreau (who would go on to direct Iron Man as well as this year’s The Lion King reboot) directs (and cameos in) this silly and sweet stocking-filler film which, for many families, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without. Will Ferrell finds a perfect outlet for his wacky brand of juvenile comedy in the character of Buddy the elf, an extremely loud, overgrown man-child whose perpetual optimism and festive spirit exceeds any sense of self-awareness or social norms.

"Buddy grows up realising he is very different from all the other elves at the North Pole..."

Buddy grows up realising he is very different from all the other elves at the North Pole; but how was he to know that he was in fact a human who had accidentally made his way to Santa’s workshop after he had crawled into St. Nick’s sack as a baby? Horrified to learn that his biological father is on Santa’s naughty list, Buddy sets off for the bright lights of New York City to try to connect with his old man Walter, played with deadpan relish by James Caan.

With Caan playing the straight man to Ferrell’s ridiculous creation (rumour has it you can see Caan disguising his laughter in certain scenes) it’s a film full of laugh-out-loud moments; Ferrell’s improvisational elf-out-of-water routine is a delight and there are plenty of cheeky winks to the films of Christmas past, especially in the cutesy stop-motion animated critters who populate this film’s version of the North Pole. Like Buddy himself, there’s more than enough Christmas cheer here to melt even the coldest hearts.