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Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, Alice Rohrwacher

Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, and Alice Rohrwacher set out to interview Italy’s youth about their hopes, dreams, and fears. With today’s political divisions, socioeconomic unease, overreliance on technology, and global weather crisis, these young adults ask themselves: is there a future at all?

Superbly shot in 16mm and teeming with life, Futura captures the ineffable beauty of existence in fleeting yet meaningful encounters, producing a candid and moving portrait of a generation grappling with precarity and unease, albeit balanced by hope and resilience, against the backdrop of Italy’s natural and architectural wonders. The teens speak about their dreams, obstacles, and fears, displaying at times charming timidity and surprising forthrightness. As discussions touch on family, politics, social media, limited career choices, queer issues, racism, football (of course!), and the subjects’ conflicted attitudes toward Italy, Futura develops an unassuming gravitas and universal resonance.

" there a future at all?"

On the surface a study of a country as seen through the eyes of its youth, it transcends the snapshot schema to harness the bare essence of cinema — not simply to reflect the world but to reveal deeper truths that affect us all, especially during a time of great global instability. 

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