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Looking Awry: Don’t Look At Me That Way

Uisenma Borchu

Iva is a beautiful single mother struggling to maintain her own personal identity, until she meets Hedi, who gives her a fresh perspective on life. The two women start an affair and Iva falls desperately in love. The relationship between them is muddied with the appearance of Iva’s father, as Hedi feels strongly attracted to him. It soon becomes clear that only one world exists for Hedi: her own.

Director and star Uisenma Borchu crafts an enigmatic tale about the pitfalls of monogamous expectations, breaking free of taboos, and existing as a bisexual woman of colour in a white society.

A short film, Self & Others (6 mins), which explores the visual language of sexual fluidity as captured through the lens of film history, will be shown before Don’t Look At Me That Way.

Part of Looking Awry: Representing Bisexual* Desires On Screen at Scottish Queer International Film Festival. See for more details.

We are delighted to welcome Jacob Engleberg, programmer of Brighton-based queer film strand, Eyes Wide Open Cinema, to introduce the film.