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Scott Graham

Our Thu 19 March, 16:00 showing will screen with closed captions for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing audiences.

When Scott Graham visited DCA with his 2015 film Iona, he spoke about his next project, a story about tough times set in his home town of Fraserburgh. Run is a blistering, claustrophobic portrait of regret which confirms that Graham is still one of Scotland’s best filmmaking talents. 

"A gripping portrait of an ordinary life under pressure..."

Factory worker Finnie (Game of Thrones’ Michael Stanley) is married to his teen-sweetheart Katie (Amy Manson), and lives with their two restless sons in a cramped council house. The couple’s relationship is on autopilot, Finnie’s relationship with his sons is strained and he feels trapped. On top of it all his eldest, Kid (Anders Hayward), is following in Finnie’s footsteps and treating his pregnant girlfriend Kelly (Anna and the Apocalypse’s Marli Siu) with indifference. Finnie can see where it’s all heading and one evening, after a fractious family dinner, he impulsively grabs the keys to Kid’s car and heads out for a spin, picking up the bemused Kelly along the way.

As with his previous films, Graham captures the specificity of his Scottish setting while still managing to tell a story of disappointment so universal that everyone can relate to it. Stanley takes centre stage, treading a line between vulnerability and callousness which makes Finnie simultaneously infuriating and heartbreaking. Infused with Bruce Springsteen’s uncompromising view of a working man’s lot both on the soundtrack and woven into the heart of the film, coupled with some terrifically tense fast car driving, and superb performances, Run is a gripping portrait of an ordinary life under pressure.