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Shore: How We See the Sea

Invisible Dust

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A screening of new films from acclaimed filmmakers Margaret Salmon and Ed Webb-Ingall, commissioned by art and science organisation Invisible Dust. Both filmmakers will also share a selection of work that has inspired their artistic approaches alongside an audience Q&A. Presented to coincide with Hole, DCA’s major new exhibition of Salmon’s work, the films are touring Scotland’s coastline sparking a national conversation about protecting our marine environment.

Margaret Salmon’s Cladach is an observational portrait of a place - the Wester Ross coast and the community bordering it in Ullapool. Following the shoreline as a point of meeting between worlds, Salmon seeks to connect nature and society mirroring the coastal town activities with underwater footage and lyrical sound recordings from above and below the water.

Directed by Ed Webb-Ingall, I walk there every day but never saw it that way is a community film that explores the impact of Marine Protected Areas on people who live near and work with them. With the participation of Arran residents and Campbeltown fishermen, the film asks questions across and between different communities and individuals, to understand the various and complex relationships that exist: Who does the sea belong to? How do you use the sea? How do you protect the sea?

‘Shore: How We See the Sea’ is supported by Creative Scotland and the Wellcome Trust, and is touring in partnership with LUX Scotland and the Scottish Association for Marine ScienceSee for details of an afternoon programme of activity (1–5pm) that expands on the creative methodologies of the artists and the themes explored in the Shore films.

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