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Song of the Sea

Discovery Family Film Club

Filled with fantastical characters, including squabbling faeries, malevolent owls and mythical Irish characters, this animated tale combines fantastic storytelling with stunning visual motifs and decorations for a rich and complex modern fairy tale.

Ten-year-old Ben and his younger sister Saoirse live in a lighthouse towering over the sea with their gruff father, who is unable to get over the loss of his wife, who died when his daughter was born. Saoirse, now six, has never uttered a word, though Ben happily chatters away for both of them. We soon learn that Saoirse, like her mother before her, is a selkie – a mythological creature that lives as a seal in the sea but sheds ther skin to live as human on land. Just as Saoirse has her first visit to her otherworldly life beneath the waves, their grandmother arrives to take the children to live with her in the city, far away from the sea. Without her magical sealskin and her connection to the waves, Saoirse soon falls gravely ill. Can Ben and Saoirse find their way back home to the sea before it’s too late?