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Spring Blossom

Suzanne Lindon

21-year-old Suzanne Lindon makes her writing, directing and acting debut with this drama about a 16-year-old girl who falls in love with a man 19 years her senior. Although this may sound like a familiar (and potentially problematic) set-up, Lindon’s script (written when she was just 15) positions her teenage protagonist firmly at the centre of her film, bringing her to life with a refreshing sense of agency and attention to detail. 

“An impressive, intimate debut”

Lindon (the daughter of French actors Vincent Lindon and Sandrine Kiberlain) plays her namesake character Suzanne, who is thoroughly bored of her routine and has little to no interest in her classmates. Lindon understands and empathises with the restlessness of teenage life; Suzanne is constantly coming and going, with many short scenes filmed in doorways, or streets on the way to and from school. The object of her affection, 35-year-old Raphael (120 BPM’s Arnaud Valois) is also bored and seems to find a kindred spirit in Suzanne, but is a tougher character to pin down, and Lindon smartly keeps his motivations ambiguous.

Lindon’s performance is immaculate, and several choreographed dance sequences contrast nicely with the otherwise naturalistic style of filmmaking on show, her physicality becoming an outward expression of her interior thoughts and feelings. At just 75 minutes, and with a snapshot editing style, there is a sense that Lindon is guiding her audience to experience the same atmosphere of anticipation that the fictional Suzanne does. An impressive, intimate debut.

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