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Sunshine on Leith


A rousing Scottish romance by popular request! Use #helloDCA20 to share your film picks from the last two decades.

Based on an original play by Stephen Greenhorn for Dundee's own Rep Theatre, Sunshine on Leith is a romantic comedy musical that was fantastically well-received by DCA audiences back in 2013.

"The songs of The Proclaimers are woven into the tale..."

The film follows the stories of Davy (George MacKay) and Ally (Kevin Guthrie), who have to re-learn how to live life in Edinburgh after coming home from serving in Afghanistan. The songs of The Proclaimers are woven into the tale, with lyrics that are emotionally honest, often political, and definitely sing-along-able; we'll be screening this film with captioned subtitles, so you can feel free to join in and sing your heart out!