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The Magic Flute

Ingmar Bergman

In addition to his filmmaking, Bergman enjoyed an equally prestigious career in the theatre, and no work brought these two strands together as successfully as his joyous version of Mozart’s The Magic Flute

“…one of the finest opera films”

Shooting on a soundstage that painstakingly recreates the sumptuous Baroque décor of Stockholm’s Drottningholm Palace, Bergman revels in both replicating authentic 18th Century stage machinery and rethinking the opera as a cinematic experience. The cast of Scandinavian opera luminaries (singing in Swedish) is note-perfect and the production perfectly judges Mozart’s delicate balance of comedy and more serious, spiritual themes.

This may not be a typical Bergman, but it ranks alongside Powell and Pressburger’s Tales of Hoffmann as one of the finest opera films, and in this stunning new restoration it looks and sounds better than ever.