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The Runaways

Discovery Family Film Club

When their father suddenly passes away, his children, Angie, Polly and Ben, are left to cope alone, with Angie acting as surrogate mother. As the coastal town where they live closes up for winter, their Uncle Blythe suddenly returns from prison, harbouring a grudge over a longstanding family debt. With no other option Angie is forced to go on the run with her siblings (and two of the family’s donkeys) in search of their estranged mother Maggie. With their uncle in close pursuit, the children and donkeys venture west across the moors, dodging chancers, thieves, and the authorities. Ever resilient, Angie forces the family on despite the hardships, ever hopeful of meeting the mother she’s idolised since birth – but what if she doesn’t live up to expectations?

"An atmospheric and uplifting celebration of childhood and family."

With a terrific central performance by Molly Windsor as Angie, ably supported by Mark Addy and Tara Fitzgerald, this is an atmospheric and uplifting celebration of childhood and family. Director Richard Heap sets his intricate family relationship drama against the beauty (and rigours) of the natural landscape, away from the distractions of the highly urbanised world. Inspired by the gentle magic of classic family dramas such as The Railway Children, but with a very contemporary edge, this is a tale that embraces both the light and dark of family life, and is evidence of a very British balance to those animated visions of life according to Disney.