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The Terminator

James Cameron

Explore the complex relationship between human and machine in a series of films celebrating V&A Dundee’s Hello, Robot. exhibition.
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Some films have been so fully embraced by popular culture that it’s hard to imagine a time without them, and 1984’s The Terminator has to be near the top of any such list. Just try imagining a world before James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger were household names, before the line “I’ll be back” spawned hundreds of parodies, and before that night when the Austrian Oak crash-landed in LA, sent from the future, naked and utterly uncompromising in his mission to find and kill Sarah Connor.

"Presents its vision of artificial intelligence as ruthless and unstoppable..."

The Terminator presents its vision of artificial intelligence as ruthless and unstoppable, unaffected by human emotion or morality. It also allows us to see through its killer robot’s eyes in certain shots, blurring the lines between audience and robot, showing us a digital rendering of a world that is technology’s for the taking.

With a pared-down script by Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd, this is bold, purposeful film-making with very few frills but an abundance of thrills, delivering brutal violence, snappy editing and iconic moments as methodically (and often) as Arnie despatches his victims.

Musio K,  a social robot designed by AKA IntelligenceHello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine. V&A Dundee, until Sunday 9 February 2020. From the robots we know and love, to the robot in your pocket, explore the blurring boundaries between human and machine.

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