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Tommy’s Honour

Jason Connery

Tommy’s Honour is a loving tribute to the legendary Morris family (‘Old’ Tom Morris and ‘Young’ Tommy Morris) who shaped the game of golf as we know it today. A tale of incredible achievement and dedication, it is also at its heart a story about a father and son whose relationship is strained by a conflict between tradition and innovation.

"A tale of incredible achievement and dedication..."

Tommy (Jack Lowden) has grown up with golf in his blood. His father, Tom (Peter Mullan) is a living legend at the Royal & Ancient club in St Andrews where he earns his living tending to the greens, believing in the longstanding rules and regulations which inform the game. Tommy has his eye on a more democratic game, where all players get to keep their winnings, and longs for a world where his natural talent at the game is recognised. As Tommy’s fame grows, tensions rise and when he falls in love with a woman his parents believe unsuitable, the rift between father and son becomes insurmountable.

Adapted for the screen by Kevin Cook from his own book, Tommy’s Honour admirably doesn’t shy away from the class divide which was undeniably part of the sport and the family’s history. Shot primarily on location, there is much pleasure to be found in seeing familiar streets and greens as they might have looked in the past, but the star here is the sport itself and the sportsmen whose legacy made it such an important part of Scotland today