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Agnès Varda

Deservedly one of Varda's best known films, Vagabond is among the most powerful portraits of a woman in modern cinema. Mosaic-like, the film reconstructs the last weeks of rebellious and nihilistic vagrant Mona (the young Sandrine Bonnaire in a career-defining performance), inspired by a real case. Mona's identity emerges from her impact on others, many played by non-professionals. Set in a bleak, wintry South of France, Vagabond embeds Mona's fate in the region's landscape and customs.

Agnès Varda

Over six decades, Agnès Varda has established herself at the vanguard of world cinema. With her training in art history and her experience as a photographer, Varda continues to push the boundaries of what cinema as an art form can achieve, creating her own singular style by blending reality with poetic imagery, and fiction with documentary. As her latest film, the Oscar-nominated documentary Faces Places, finally graces our screens, we are delighted to celebrate her long career with this showcase of Varda classics.