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Alone in Berlin

Vincent Perez

Adapted from Hans Fallada’s 1947 novel Every Man Dies Alone (only translated into English in 2009 and a surprise best-seller) this film tells the true story of one working class couple’s underground resistance.

"Quiet, powerful and devastating..."

The Quangels are an ordinary Berlin family whose lives are ripped apart by the news that their son has been killed in combat. Anna (Emma Thompson) and Otto (Brendan Gleeson) are heartbroken and share no joy in their neighbourhood celebrations following France’s defeat. Surrounded by Nazi flags flying in the streets and shops around him, a disillusioned Otto quietly defaces an official propaganda postcard so that it accuses the Third Reich of being full of lies. With Anna’s help, he begins a secret campaign of resistance, depositing postcards depicting anti-Hitler slogans all around the city. In a world where suspicion, surveillance and propaganda are paramount, this small act of defiance speaks volumes. As Inspector Escherich (Daniel Brühl) begins the search for the man responsible for the postcards, the Quangels become even more determined to get their message of truth to the people for as long as they possibly can.

Directed with a steady hand by former actor Vincent Perez, accompanied by a fine Alexandre Desplat score and superb production design by Jean-Vincent Puzos, Alone in Berlin, very much like the couple whose story it tells, is a quiet, powerful and devastating film.