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Train to Busan

Sang-ho Yeon

Make it a zombie-tastic double-bill with Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula

2016’s Train To Busan was a runaway success, smashing box office records in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore before barrelling its way west and delighting audiences in the UK and US with its killer combination of sharp social commentary, earnest melodrama, relatable characters, and of course, plenty of gory, grisly and utterly frantic zombie action.

“some of the most nail-biting set-pieces the zombie genre has seen…”

Seok-woo is a divorced workaholic who struggles to make time for his young daughter, Soo-an. Reluctantly, he agrees to take Soo-an on a birthday trip on the bullet train from Seoul to Busan to see her mother, but just as the train leaves the station, it becomes immediately clear that someone on board is not in good health, and soon enough, most of the passengers have been transformed into clambering, hungering masses. These zombies are very much of the 28 Days Later variety: fast-moving, animalistic and when confined to a metal box hurtling along at breakneck speed, terrifying and unstoppable. As the infection spreads like wildfire through the carriages, a small group of survivors forms and a desperate bid for survival begins.

With a background in animation, Train to Busan marked Yeon’s first time directing in live-action, but he proves himself more than capable here, maintaining a sense of urgency and suspense throughout, while conducting the blood-soaked carnage with thrilling efficacy and delivering some of the most nail-biting set-pieces the zombie genre has seen for a long time. 

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